A/C won’t kick on. And it’s hot today!

Cloaked aliens must have adjusted the wiring when you were not looking. I would look at the wiring for the compressor that acts correctly and then see if the wiring on this one makes sense?
Problem is that the HP and LP switches are probably bypassed.
best news of the summer, the professional called me this morning, after looking at my boat! I need a new triac, which is what is causing the compressor and pump to run perpetually. That’s an under $100 part, if he can find one. Why the wire melted off is a bit of a mystery, as my rusty mess of a capacitor is still within factory spec, and my compressor still runs. Might be a compressor getting ready to bite the dust, or might just be corrosion on the terminal which caused resistance and heat. At thirty bucks for a run capacitor, assuming he can find a triac I asked him to replace that as well.
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