A note on profile posts


Staff member
Jul 27, 2001
Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware, if you post a note on someone’s profile it is not a private communication between you and the other person - it is essentially the same as a forum post. Any logged in user who looks at either of your profiles can see it, and it shows up on the home page, under ‘latest profile posts’. It’s a nice feature for members to put a post out to everyone, that I suppose is meant to be a communication or discussion topic that is of a more personal nature, as compared to a forum post.

if you want to have a ‘private’ conversation with another member, use the ‘start conversation’ from within any view of the member.

if you would like to contact the forum administrators for any reason, there is a ‘contact us’ link on the bottom of each page, which will send an email. For now this is only available to logged in users.