Great Lakes, tools for trip planning

The Other Gary

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Jan 1, 2000
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Here is the monthly waterlevel resource that is updated every Thursday night.
It gives the levels as adjused to chart Datum. A great tool before a cruise.

This is th NOAA Page for the Great Lakes. If you click on wind for any lake it will take you to a page where you have the option at the top to go back over the last 24 hours of actuals and forward to the next 24 hours of forcast,,, hour by hour. It does the same for wave projections. Another planning tool.
Hi Gary,

Thanks for posting... can ya get a little extra water added to Lake Erie for us, so as to be able to launch this spring??? we're getting a little low down here.. :(
Try this site “Great Lakes Online”.
It gives updated water levels every six minutes. On the left panel scroll town to State Maps. Click on State an all water level stations will come up. At the bottom of the page is Detail Listing. This page is updated every six minutes.
good info....does anyone have good info on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, will be going thru
in June (I HOPE)