Its cold tonight and I am worried about my engine!

George Van Parys

Mar 1, 2000
RO Number
I have been asked about this on different forums. I'll try to post this, but its slightly different for each engine. But if your stuck, here is a quick way to sleep better.

Basically you need a few things.
You need:
a small plastic bag, like a ziplock bag

One of those long red funnels (the one below is perfect!)


A good size rubber band.

And 2 or 3 gallons of windshield washer fluid.

Ok, you loosen the hose clamp and disconnect the big hose from the water pump at the entrance to the thermostat housing. Not the other way around. You then push the hose down towards the bilge, which makes it act like a siphon and drain the block. You then put the plastic bag over the thermostat housing hole and put the rubber band around it. You stick the funnel in the hose so it seals itself against the hose sides. (that is why you need one of those like in the picture) Hold the funnel stuck in the hose upright and start pouring the windshield washer fluid in the funnel. Keep pouring till you see the blue fluid on the plastic bag get totally full. Let it sit a minute and see if it will take any more. If not, your done. The bag off and pull the funnel out and put the hose back on as fast as you can. Retighten the hose clamp.

It won't stop corrosion and it won't stop a hard freeze, but it will hold you for a cold night and let you sleep. When your ready to use the engine, just do start it up as you normally would. You can repeat the process as many times as you need to. Bottom line, it takes 5 minutes and $1.98 worth of windshield washer fluid to let you sleep.