Lake Ontario Olcott NY 8-17-13

Tim Bromund

Aug 21, 2005
On the water at 0600, ran out to the 25 line and trolled north. Good temps had 45 down 80. Trolled out to the 30 line, steady pick of small/teenage kings and steelies. Outside of the 28 line pretty much all steel including several over 10. Turned around and trolled back south to the 23 line. Inside the 25 line started getting into better kings again ending the day with a 28 lber that fought like it was mid 30's.

Riggers at 50 and 80, divers at 240 and 300 and 400 copper all took multiple shots. Nbk stingray on the 50 rigger and mountain dew spinny with green krinkle howie on the 80 rigger were both steady producers. Nuclear green spinny and hammer fly on the 300 diver and nuclear green chip with green glow Atommik on the 240. Meat rig with BD24 MC Rocket on the 400 copper went 5 times.

Over 20 bites on the day including the 28 lb king and 11lb 4 oz steelie that both went on the leader board, at least temporarily. Will post pics later. Beautiful day on the water


28 lb king, off the board already

Beautiful day on the lake

11 lb 4 oz steelhead

Not much left of this green crinkle howie fly, but it still keeps taking fish

Bill D.

Crazy Old RO
Jan 1, 2000
Good job Tim, hope they stay on the board our you replace them with better fish. I'm still stuck in Tuscaloosa dealing with the pong project. No fishing for me.


New member
Jul 27, 2001
Congrats on the derby fish Tim. We had a good day on Saturday with four early screamers in 150' of water that wouldn't stay hooked up so we moved out to 350'. We found a temperature break and employed your technique of creeping out the wire divers and then setting the riggers. First rigger set was our probe with a meat rig and it got hit with a major while the second rigger was being deployed. We worked that temp break for a few hours and picked up five fish over 20 and the grandkids worked them all. I have found that the girls do better on the rods than the boys because the boys think these things are like pond bass and they want to just yank them in.