manifold check/replace question

Ed Dippel

New member
Dec 18, 2005

I have Chrysler 440 hemi magnum motors with Osco manifolds. I just bought the boat and see that the last manifold replacement was in 1999. It is time to at least check them or replace them. She is in Maryland, but I bought her in West Palm Beach ,Florida and drove her home (very coorosive salt).Any ideas as to where to get them checked/dipped in Maryland? I also am having a devil of a time getting some of the bolts off! These manifolds have a small recess around the bolt heads where the riser bolts to the manifold. This stupid design will not allow a socket drive to be used (the drive shaft does not have a straight shot at the bolt. The last bolt holding on the riser is rusted and an open end wrench won't go all the way on the bolt because the recess is not deep enough and it blocks the wrench from going all the way on. I tried the boxed end of the wrench and it slips because the old bolt is rusted! Any ideas/tricks? The "swivel elbows" that bolt to the riser have a similar problem. They are angeled to face the exhaust pipe and one of the 4 bolts is under the bend in the elbow! I tried to get a wrench onit from both sides of the bend in the elbow and no wrench will fit that bolt (boxed or open). Any tricks to get this one off would be appreciated!