Shower drain problem

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Mar 7, 2017
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This issue is on a 47' Gibson Sport Series. My wife came to me last night after she came out of the shower and told me that one of the two drains in the master bath shower "didn't look right". After looking at it I saw that the basket on the bottom was gone.... along with it the hose assembly to the shower sump. I have looked but can't find a way to get to the bottom of the tub/shower area without removing the entire assembly. I know this can't be right because there would be no way to put the shower in place with the hoses attached. Was the shower put in and then the rest of the entire boat built around it? Any ideas what it will take to get to it? Isn't there usually a way to service the plumbing? Especially a wear item like this? The shower/ tub has 2 drains. I guess once I figure out what it will take to get to it both baskets will get replaced at the same time. I am not seeing any major water build up in the bilge... I'm wondering where the water from the shower has gone. I am one to get in and get out so I'm not as observant as she is. I have no idea how long the basket and hose has been off. I would have thought I would have seen water in the bilge. Not the case.
Well, I decided that it was time to find a solution. There was no way to get to the problem through the bathroom area. I ended up going into the master bedroom and had to completely disassemble the wardrobe closet behind the shower area then cut a hole through the floor. Of course they decided to put a 2X4 floor member directly behind the wall (Instead of under the wall for support as would be expected) so the hole had to be made extra large. I was just able to get my body twisted around in a way that I could reach up inside the hole and barely get my hand on the drain basket. With my wife in the shower spinning the basket we were able to get it tight. Getting the reducer onto the basket and tight was fun but the real chore was simply getting the hose onto the bung and the clamp tight. I ended up covering the hole cut in the bottom of the wardrobe with a piece of stainless steel 18GA sheet metal. Problem solved.
I am glad you found a way to get to it. Sometimes you just have to jump into it feet first and figure it out as you go. I have always believed that if it was made by a human then it can be fixed by a human.